Who is behind this idea?

The 90/10 Club is a grass-roots effort led by a group of local lay-leaders, none of whom are institution-heads or professional fundraisers.

Although various Rabbis were consulted before launch to ensure that this program meets the letter and spirit of a Torah approach to ma’aser and tzedaka, we have specifically refrained from gathering haskamos (approbations), to ensure that the focus is kept on the concept of encouraging giving in general, as opposed to instructing WHERE to give.

As with any area of life, Rabbinic guidance is critical and we encourage each member to consult with their rabbi for help in allocating their ma’aser money appropriately.

Please contact one of the following people with questions about the program:

Eric Adelman, 404 414 9473 or Eric@threepillars.com

Noach Levin, 404 602 2606 or NoachLevin@gmail.com