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One of the key aspects of this initiative is that we should support each other’s involvement in the project. Every member below has publicly committed to helping put Atlanta & San Diego on the map as communities focused on the separation of ma’aser funds. Thank you for your support!

Some of our members have used alternate systems to a separate bank account (such as a detailed excel spreadsheet) for years.  If you would like to join but already have such a system, please email us the details and your name so we can add you as a member!

Atlanta Members

This list was last updated on July 27th, 2015

Eric and Malka Adelman

Levi and Aliza Afrah

Warren & Kim Axelrod

Rabbi Shlomo & Sarah Faygie Berkowitz

Nick & Sara Block

Avi and Menucha Bogart

Yakov and Melanie Boroosan

Rabbi Eliezer & Rebbetzin Cohen

Rabbi Jake & Chani Czuper

Joni Charme

Rabbi Menachem & Rebbetzin Dena Deutsch

Rabbi Yerachmiel and Michal Donowitz

Michal Esral

Aaron and Devorah Feldman

Rabbi Ilan & Rebbetzin Miriam Feldman

Rabbi Yechezkel & Rebbetzin Rifki Freundlich

Raanon & Erica Gal

Yonasan and Esti Gavant

Rabbi Shlomo & Batsheva Gelbtuch

Mordechai and Helen Gerchikov

Rabbi Ahron and Rebbetzin Gitty Golding

Rabbi Dani & Rebbetzin Tova Gopin

Yoni and Davida Graber

Levi and Yehudis Graiser

Eli and Rena Gray

Meyer and Marci Greenberg

Elan & Yelena Hertzberg

David and Tovah Isaacs

Josh & Sari Joel

Josh & Raizel Kahn

Neil & Marcy Kalnitz

Rabbi Dovid & Rebbetzin Devorah Kapenstein

Marty & Marcy Karon

Ely & Malka Landman

Noach and Kayla Levin

Barry and Judith Levitt

Hunter and Stacy McGhee

Matt and Erika Needleman

Rabbi Mayer & Rebbetzin Neuberger

Rabbi Doniel & Rebbetzin Esther Pransky

Linda and Irvin Rabinowitz

Rabbi Ezra & Rebbetzin Chedva Sarna

Rabbi David & Julie Silverman

Rabbi Doron and Rebbetzin Rebekah Silverman

Matthew & Leslie Silverman

Mordechai and Kim Snyder

Kim and Mordechai Solomon

Brian and Suzanne Spaner

Rabbi Yoel and Chavie Spotts

Michael and Mindy Tannenbaum

Shalom and Tzippy Teller

Yitzchok and Russy Tendler

Erica and Jordan Tritt

Nicole Wiesen

Michelle and Josh Winer

Penina and Elchanan Zuckman


We made to 100 members by July 4th and now have 109 members!

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