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We've Launched In Atlanta

We’re so excited to announce our successful launch in Atlanta with 20 members, then reaching 50 within days and finally our latest goal of 100 one week before July 4th!

We’ve given away over 100 copies of The Laws of Tzedakah and Maaser by Rabbi Shimon Taub.  If you live in Atlanta and are interested in getting your free copy, while supplies last, please email us your name and address at the9010club@gmail.com

If you live elsewhere and would like to launch a chapter in your area, please email us!

Visit our Sign Up page to find out how you can join.

Everyone Can Separate Ma'aser

Our focus is not on encouraging GIVING ma’aser, but rather on SEPARATING ma’aser. To be a member, you must publicly commit to having 10% of your paychecks automatically direct-deposited to a new maser account that is opened specifically for that purpose. What you do with the money after that is a personal decision between you and Hashem, to be decided with the guidance of your personal Rav.

If one is not paid through direct deposit or is not able to set up automated deposits, they can become a member by creating a separate account and signing up for our bi-monthly reminders via the subscription modules on this site.

About Us

The 90/10 club is an innovative Jewish Communal concept launching in Atlanta in 2015 and nationwide in 2016. Our goal is for each member of the community to encourage and support one another to focus on making tzedaka in general and ma’aser kesafim (tithing) in particular a focus in our everyday lives.