The Solution

Our focus is on separating, as opposed to giving, ma’aser.

The 90/10 Club represents a paradigm shift in how our community related to tzedaka. Before signing up, each member or family agrees to establish a separate personal bank account (savings or checking) into which at least 10% of all post-tax earnings will be routed. Most people whose primary earnings are paid via direct-deposit can revise their deposit instructions so that 10% goes directly into the new ma’aser account, and 90% goes into their primary account as it always has.

This process usually takes less than 5 minutes.

Once the money is in your ma’aser account, a much better default is created whereby a person must actively take it OUT of the account in order to spend it. This drastically reduces a person’s natural inclination (yetzer hara) to give less than they know they should.  Even if you cannot give a full 10% to ma’aser, separating the money allows you to take part in this transformative mitzvah.  Once the money is in your ma’aser account it may be 100% appropriate for you to put it back into your regular account; it is not a commitment to GIVE the money to tzedaka, but rather a commitment to continually focus on the mitzvah, whether or not you are giving, and regardless of the magnitude of your ability to give.

“Buying in” to our structure sets a person up for success, because the money is already separated from day one, and a decision to give does not need to be made. Just the opposite: the default is to give.

For the minority of people who do not receive their regular income via direct-deposit, membership can be approved by setting up the new account, and agreeing to transfer 10% of their post-tax earnings within 24 hours of receipt. Of course, this bank account remains under the member’s full control, and no financial information is ever sent to The 90/10 Club. The 90/10 Club also does not suggest or endorse any specific charities. The decision of where to give is up to you; our only requirement is that you set aside the money to be given.

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